How do we choose our professionals?


At The Nanny Company we know that there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your children. We are rigorous and diligent in our selection process to ensure that nothing is left out, and we want you to be familiar with our four step method to recruit, interview and evaluate every caregiver.

Step 1: Candidate selection

Formal Application and CV analysis.


Step 2: Background Check

Verification of employment history by checking at least two references; 

Educational history, credentials and licenses, including first aid certificate;

Criminal record check;

Social media screening.


Step 3: Interviewing

Personality assessment;

General presentation evaluation;

The Nanny Company's Code of Conduct presentation.

Step 4: Candidates acceptance

Applicants who reach this stage are able to work with The Nanny Company.


Every candidate must be approved on the prior step to be able to continue to the next one.

After each job is over we ask for parents' feedback in order to evaluate the caregiver performance.

Our step-by-step process


  1. What do you need? We learn about your needs and create a customized solution for each family

  2. Let the search begin! We find the right person

  3. Did you like of any of the candidates? We schedule interviews in person or video-chat

  4. Are you ready to hire someone? We help you through the hiring process

  5. How is everything going? We perform follow ups to make sure nothing has changed since placement

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