Baby Nurses

Babies have a special talent for turning your whole world upside down!


After leaving the hospital, you find yourself home alone with a new family member, a new role, and new priorities... and now what?!

We got you! We know that:

  • You want to do what’s best for your baby, but with all the conflicting advice and overwhelming information it’s not always easy. 

  • You know you need help, but you’re not looking for someone to do it all for you.

  • You can handle everything new parenthood throws your way, if you could just get some sleep.

  • Babies can’t tell the time, but you need some sort of routine to be sane.

Our baby nurses are registered nurses, highly specialized and trained childcare providers who focus on the care and well-being of the newborns in their earliest days of life.

We select the perfect match for your family by very carefully considering your specific goals and needs and what you would like to accomplish by having a Baby Nurse in your home.

baby nurse.jpg

Why is it so important to have a Baby Nurse? 

Our Baby Nurses guide new or experienced parents to fully understand everything from implementing healthy nursing and sleeping patterns to swaddling, bathing and much more. All the nuances of parenting from the moment you arrive home until your baby sleeps through the night are covered:

Pre-and-post delivery support;

Breastfeeding assistance;

Monitoring infant eating and sleeping patterns (schedule management);

Diapering and umbilical care;

Baby manicures (nail trimming) and scratch prevention;

Bath techniques;

Burping techniques;

Colic massages;


Organize and keep nursery clean;

Bottle sterilization;

Sibling interaction;

Educating parents on infant care;

Smooth Transition into Parenthood.